Roeslein Alternative Energy Seeking Landowner Interest In Pilot Project

Roeslein Alternative Energy has announced plans for a pilot project which intends to convert highly erodible land to native prairie.

The first 1,000 of 40,000 acres will be converted near Princeton for what is called the Horizon II pilot project. Funding will be provided to landowners who are willing to convert their land in Northern Missouri and Southern Iowa into a habitat that would support wildlife habitat and use sustainable native prairie feedstock to create renewable natural gas.

Horizon II Seeks 39,000 acres in northern Missouri and southern Iowa for the Turnkey Prairie-to-Energy Initiative.

Horizon II has partnered with the USDA for Climate-Smart Commodities grant funding to provide a cash rent of $160 per acre per year for highly erodible land for the duration of the contract. Horizon II plans to pay all expenses for prairie seed, installation, and maintenance for two years.

In the third year of the project, landowners will receive $37 per ton of harvested prairie biomass delivered to Roeslein’s anaerobic digester near Albany. Landowners would also share in potential environmental credit compensation.

39,000 acres is still be sought from landowners in the Grand River Basin. The Smithfield Food Ruckman Farm near Albany will be the site of the next Horizon II RNG facility. Roeslein is inviting landowners to an informational session planned on March 1st at 10:30am. That session will include a catered lunch. Those interested should contact Steve Mowry, the Director of Land Development and Prairie Establishment at Roeslein Alternative Energy. The phone contact number is 816-830-6900. The email is [email protected]