Bethany Council Receives Proposal For Operation Of City Dog Pound

Bethany Councilman Randy Mann presided over the Bethany Board of Aldermen meeting Monday night with the absence of Mayor Lance Johns.

The board was presented a proposal presented by Rita Osmon and developed by Larry Hunt for the operation and facility maintenance of the Bethany dog pound. The presentation included a draft contract for new personnel responsibilities, the establishment of adoption fees, upgrades for the current space allowed for dogs, a plan for marketing for dogs for adoption, and proposed rules for the dog pound. The proposal was meant for informational purposes only for council members on its first presentation night. Council members were encouraged to review the proposal and develop questions for any potential future follow-up meeting which may be held on the proposal.

The required forum for the city’s TAP sidewalk project planned for next spring was also held. Engineer Shannon Howe told board members that the project is planned for a construction schedule next spring and summer. The project would construct a sidewalk along Oakland and Alder Streets. Plans will be a sidewalk that’s 4 feet wide and 4 inches thick for pedestrian use. It would be thicker where the sidewalk crosses driveways. Temporary easements will need to be obtained. The project is currently undergoing the environment assessment stage of the process followed by the Missouri Department of Transportation, who is providing most of the financing. The council specifically requested that all the residents along the project’s path receive ample notification of how and when their properties may be affected.

City Administrator Jacob Taylor reported that budget development process is underway. Input is being taken from department heads and council members at this time. Councilman Ron Osmon stated a wish for the city to consider funding towards the city dog pound. Councilman Terry Osmon would like a consideration of the purchase of a disc mower for the city’s mowing responsibilities.