City Of King City Close To Implementing Credit Card Payment Option

King City’s Board of Aldermen received word that the city is moving forward with plans to accept credit card payments from city residents. The city personnel is awaiting training before credit card payments can be accepted. There will be a credit card machine at King City City Hall to take payments, but payments will also be taken through the city’s website eventually.

King City has received the first $100,000 installment of American Rescue Plan Money. Most of that installment will be used for the city waste water and water system upgrade.

An update was given on the sludge removal at the city’s lagoon.

The City of King City still has open positions for a dog catcher and city policeman.

King City’s Trick or Treat event will be held October 29th from 3 until 4:30pm.

King City’s city-wide garage sale will be on September 25th.