Congresswoman Hinson:  Biden Drug Plan Will Lead to High Insurance Premiums

(Radio Iowa) Iowa Congresswoman Ashley Hinson says she doesn’t think the Biden administration’s plan to let Medicare negotiate the cost of certain prescription drugs is going to help the problem.

“Unfortunately, the government price fixing does nothing to actually control the cost of these drugs overall, so they’re going to set the price that they’re going to pay. It’s not going to actually lower the cost of these drugs for anyone else,” Hinson says. The Republican from Marion says others will end up paying more.

“What we’re going to see as a direct result of this is increased insurance premiums, which is a direct tax on families that are already struggling to pay more every single month,” She says. “The inflation tax is very real. And now, this is an additional attack directly imposed as a result of Biden administration policies.” She supports other ways to bring down drug prices.

Hinson says she will push for innovation like the lower cost more cures combination of bills. “I support that approach to lowering drug costs by increasing competition and increasing transparency and accountability there. And I think that’s the way we should be moving forward,” Hinson says. The Biden Administration recently released ten drugs it says Medicare will target for price cuts.