Court Commends Harrison County Inmate’s Actions, But Will Not Factor Into Bond Reduction

BETHANY, MO – The Court commended a Bethany man incarcerated in the Harrison County Jail for his heroic actions, however those actions will not be taken into consideration for a bond reduction.

Judge Steve Hudson made the decision after reviewing a DVD provided by the Harrison County Prosecuting Attorney of an altercation in the jail on June 24th. On that date Jay Rasmussen, an inmate in the jail, attacked a female jailer with a sharp piece of glass. Inmate Dustin Fortner helped take Rasmussen to the ground and helped keep him under control until additional help could arrive to secure Rasmussen and place him in a restraint chair, and then in a solitary confinement cell.

The court called Fortner’s actions heroic and courageous, however the Court’s order said those actions should not be a factor or a consideration in reducing his bond. Fortner is charged with child abuse, child molestation, and enticement of a child. He is set for a plea or trial setting tomorrow (Thursday).

Rasmussen is currently in the Missouri Department of Corrections where he is serving a 10 year sentence.