Democratic National Committee to Debate Fate of Iowa Democratic Party’s 2024 Caucuses

(Radio Iowa) A panel of national Democrats will soon vote on a plan that may remove the Iowa Caucuses from the lead-off position in selecting the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee.

The Democratic National Committee’s Rules and Bylaws group will begin meeting December 1st. On December 3rd, it intends to recommend which states get to host the first voting events in 2024. Iowa Democrats and parties from more than a dozen other states are competing for those slots which traditionally have been held by the Iowa Caucuses, followed by New Hampshire’s Primary and contests in Nevada and South Carolina. The final decision will be made by the Democratic National Committee in early 2023. Iowa Democrats have proposed mail-in voting for their Caucuses in 2024. It’s a major change from required in-person Caucus Night attendance followed by complicated calculations and, in 2020, the delayed reporting of results.

The Republican National Committee has already voted to keep the Iowa G-O-P’s Caucuses first in 2024.