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GRM Networks Details Upcoming 10-Digit Local Call Dialing Requirement

GRM Networks says a mandatory 10-digit number, that includes the area code, will need to be dialed for local numbers. GRM Networks says residents in the 660 and 816 area codes in the GRM Networks territory will be required to dial 10 digits. That means the area code and the phone number even for local calls. GRM Networks says residents in the affected area codes should begin dialing the 10 digits on April 24th of this year for local calls. All local calls must dial with a 10-digit number after October 24th.

This will also affect GRM Networks’ customers in Iowa who can call 660 numbers as a local number. These exchanges are Blockton, Lamoni, Davis City, Lineville, Leon and Allerton.

The change is needed as the Federal Communications Commission adopts a new three-digit number to be used nationwide to reach the National Suicide Prevention and Mental Health Crisis Lifeline. That three-digit 988 number will begin on July 16th.

The 10 digit dialing will also affect cell phone calls. Other devices that use automatic dialing equipment will also need to be checked. They could include medical monitoring devices, fax machines, security systems, and other services.

Existing customer telephone numbers and area codes will not change. The price of a call will not change. What is considered a local call will stay the same. Other services that area available to communities using a 3-digit number, such as 211 or 511 will also remain the same.

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