High-Speed Fiber Broadband Provider United Fiber Expanding into St Joseph

(ST JOSEPH) –  High-speed fiber broadband provider United Fiber announced that they are investing over $50 million to expand into St Joseph to nearly 36,000 homes and businesses.

Serving Northwest Missouri since 2013, United Fiber has been providing internet speeds of up to 10 gigabytes as well as telecommunication services to many area residents and businesses.

They started implementing fiber broadband to the outskirts of St Joseph around 2015 but didn’t have the resources to reach the community, quite yet.

United Fiber does plan to have all of its fiber-optic cables placed underground, which can be difficult in high traffic areas and downtown districts.

They aim to service the entire town of St. Joseph within two years.

Fiber requires less maintaining and is more reliable than most traditional cable internet services.

The residential service costs begin at $49 and goes up to $99 based on the number of gigabytes the customer orders.