Hinson Says Possible Government Shutdown Won’t Impact Farm Bill

(Radio Iowa) Iowa Congresswoman Ashley Hinson says the Farm Bill negotiations should not be impacted if budget details can’t be worked out to avoid a government shutdown.

“I believe that we will still be able to move forward with a farm bill after we get through the challenge that we are facing right now but I obviously do not want to see a government shut down,” Hinson says. The Republican from Marion says her goal is to pass the most conservative spending bill possible.

The Ag FDA bill continues to fund many of the programs that our farmers use and love at USDA. And I’ve visited many of those NRCS and FSA offices in the district as well, so I will continue to work to make sure that we advance the farm bill as soon as possible,” Hinson says. It’s unlikely the Farm bill is going to get completed before the deadline at the end of September.

“There are a number of provisions in the farm bill that have funding mechanisms, so they will continue on even if the expiration of the Farm Bill happens on September 30th,” Hinson says. “So we will continue to do our work here. And then I’m hopeful that we will be able to next tackle the Farm Bill immediately after we get our government funding in order.” Hinson made her comments during a conference call with reporters.