IRGC Hires Firm for Horse Racing Study

(Radio Iowa) The Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission has approved a comprehensive study of the horse racing industry in the state. Racing and Gaming Administrator, Brian Ohorilko says they want an update outside view.

“The study is really focused on understanding the impact of racing and in trying to understand different ways and tools to continue to ensure that that industry is sustainable,” he says. The Racing and Gaming Entertainment company was chosen to do the study for $118,000.

“The actual study will take place throughout the winter and spring. And then there’s an expectation that the delivery will be in the summer of 2024,” Ohorilko. “And so that information could be used to help with contracts between the horsemen and Prairie Meadows in subsequent years,” Ohorilko says it is important to review the industry.

“There are there are many questions that we will hear from the different stakeholders and so really it’s just an opportunity to cut to have somebody look in and and just provide input on all of those areas and just continue to help make racing successful in the future,” he says. Prairie Meadows in Altoona is the only horse track in the state.