King City Announces Aldermen Supervisory Department Assignments

King City’s Board of Aldermen received their department supervisory assignments during a council meeting held Monday night. Mayor Doug Waugh appointed Don Combe for the Water and Sewer Department, Matt Jundy for the Parks Department, Seth Law for Finance, and Steve Mooney for the King City Police Department.

The council received updates for the water meter projects. Updated water meters are being provided throughout to city that will provide instant data and specific reporting.

A new computer was approved for the King City Water Plant. Security cameras are also being provided for the water plant.

The council heard a presentation from Brock Pfost regarding solutions to repair a leak at the city’s overflow.

Street work will be started soon for King City. Motorists in those areas may experience fresh oil on streets.

King City Council members received an update on their City Batting Cage Project.

The city discussed grant opportunities that may be explored to finance repairs of King City sidewalks.

The council also received a request for city signage and coordination for a Sawdust Festival that is planned on June 18th in King City.