Mercer Board Approves Insurance Provider At Reorganizational Meeting

Mercer School Board members reorganized and approved their Health Insurance provider for the upcoming year during their April meeting.

The board members elected to new terms at Mercer are Dana Stark, Makella Hagan, and Matt Davis. They received the oaths to office. During the reorganization, Mercer’s board elected Ervin Taff as President, Heath West Vice President, and Teri Noe as Treasurer.

MEUHP was approved to provide Mercer’s School District with Health Insurance. The district will cover 100 percent of employee health insurance premiums. There will be a $73 deposit on Health Savings Account plans.

The board offered contract to all current non-certified staff members. Martin Mason was also issued a contract to serve as custodian for the 2023-24 school year. A non-certified staff salary schedule was also reviewed with no changes made to the plan.

5 Mercer staff members will receive years of service recognition during the last day of school. Maintenance Director Brian Persell will be recognized for his retirement. He’s been with the district for the last 28 years.

Mercer’s board also issued a contract to Greg Frost to serve as a 7th through 12th grade instructor at the session.