Missouri Joins Effort to Improve Reentry Success for Incarcerated Persons

JEFFERSON CITY, MO – Missouri will become the first state to join Reentry 2030, a national initiative that aims to improve reentry success for people exiting prison and those on probation or parole.

New programs have been implemented in Missouri to assist barriers those leaving prison face, including difficulty accessing housing, employment, transportation, and behavioral health treatment.

In the past first year, Missouri has implemented the Justice Reinvestment Initiative, which aims to reduce incarceration; two minimum-security prisons have been converted into transition centers; six community supervision centers have been repurposed; partnerships have been established with nonprofit organizations offering in-person, pre-release reentry programs that give people the skills they need after incarceration; higher education partnerships have been expanded and special family days have been offered for incarcerated persons to bond with their children and loved ones.

Governor Mike Parsons will join Missouri Department of Corrections Director Anne Precythe on Wednesday to launch Reentry 2030.