Missouri Work Zone Fatalities Hit Record High in 2023

Next week is National Work Zone Awareness Week.

The Missouri Department of Transportation wants motorists to work with them by making safe, responsible choices behind the wheel and slowing down when driving through work zones.

In 2023, 35 fatalities occurred in work zone crashes, the highest number of work zone fatalities in Missouri history.

Distracted driving contributed to 588 work zone crashes and five of those fatalities.

Using a cell phone while driving is now against the law in Missouri.

Drivers can face criminal charges for crashes that result in property damage, injury, or death.

Missouri’s Move Over law requires drivers to safely change lanes when approaching MoDOT vehicles, law enforcement vehicles, and any other emergency vehicle with lights flashing.

If drivers can’t change lanes safely, they must slow down as they pass the emergency vehicles.

In 2023 alone, MoDOT work zone vehicles with truck-mounted attenuators were struck 63 times, an increase of 27 from the previous year.

Forty-five percent of those killed in work zone crashes last year were not wearing a seat belt, and the overall unbelted fatality rate so far in 2024 is the highest recorded in recent years.

MoDOT says to save lives on Missouri roadways, wear your seat belt and put your phone down.