NWMSU Regents Approve Micro-Creamery In New Budget

Northwest Missouri State University’s Board of Regents approved a budget for the 2023-24 school year at their meeting Thursday.

The budget totals nearly $110 million dollars. In March, regents approved the 2023-24 tuition and fees. Tuition was increased by 3.3 percent for in-state undergraduate students. The out-of-state tuition increase will be 4 percent. Northwest contracted with Sodexo for their dining services. Northwest meal plans will be decreased by a little over 17 percent.

Regents approved plans for a micro-creamery which will be housed within the Northwest Agricultural Learning Center. The micro-creamery will allow Northwest to obtain profession-based learning and the potential to offer milk and dairy products to consumers. The contract for the project will now be bid. The project has been approved for up to $3 million.

Northwest maintains a dairy herd of approximately 70 cattle at the R.T. Wright Farm and is used to teach agriculture students about dairy health, management and collection. The micro-creamery will allow Northwest students and regional producers to be involved in milk processing and potential marketing of dairy products.

A revised budget for Northwest’s renovation of the McKemy Center was approved for costs not more than $2.2 million.

Regents approved auxiliary reserve funds of no more than $4.5 million to be spent for the demolition not to exceed $4.5 million for the summer demolition of North Complex and Phillips Hall residence halls and a project to repair and replace shower systems in South Complex. The Board had approved $4.3 million as a total cost for the projects last December, but the total was adjusted based on bids the University received.

Thursday’s meeting was the last for John Moore in his role as Board chair, and he did not seek reelection. The Northwest Board of Regents elected Roxanna Swaney as chair, Mel Tjeerdsma as vice chair, and Diane Hargrave as executive secretary. Diane Carrick will be Board Treasurer.