Otter and Bobcat Populations Doing Well in Iowa

(Radio Iowa) The Iowa DNR is easing off the collection of information on bobcats and otters in the state as it appears the two species are doing well. DNR furbearer biologist Vince Evelsizer says they had been collecting teeth samples from trappers who caught the animals so as to keep an eye on the age distribution of otters and bobcats. He says they will still keep an eye on the populations in other ways.

Evelsizer says the re-emergence of both bobcats and otters is a good thing for the state.

They’re considered to be basically a wildlife success story for both of them, otter and bobcats are both doing well. Bobcats came back into Iowa on their own and otters were reintroduced into Iowa. Bobcats got a lot of attention and reports to the D-N-R as they started showing up more and more in the state. Evelsizer says people seemed to be more used to seeing them now, and it is fun when they are spotted.

The D-N-R says otters were reintroduced in Iowa in 1985 and by 2006 had spread statewide. Bobcats had been an endangered species until their numbers started rebounding and a limited bobcat season began in 2007.