Pre-Drought Conditions Return To The Area

Pre-drought conditions became apparent again for several counties on the western and southwest part of our listening area in Missouri. The US Drought Monitor showed nearly 12 percent of territory in Missouri in pre-drought conditions. All of the new counties with pre-drought conditions were in northwest and western Missouri. New pre-drought conditions were experienced in western Nodaway, Andrew, DeKalb, Clinton, Atchison, Holt, and 8 other counties in Missouri. There were no observations of moderate drought. There is also some territory in extreme southern Missouri with pre-drought conditions.


Iowa’s drought map is very similar to last week. While no counties in our listening are in southern Iowa are considered to be in pre-drought conditions, 77 percent of territory of the state has some drought or pre-drought conditions. Moderate and severe drought territory is common north of I-80. 7 percent of the state is in D3, or extreme drought. 24 percent is considered in severe drought, 21 percent in moderate drought, and 24 percent in pre-drought territory.