Putnam County Receives “Good” Rating in Audit

Missouri State Auditor Nicole Galloway has issued a “Good” rating in Putnam County’s latest audit. A “Good” rating indicates the entity is well manages with a few findings which the county has, or will be, implemented.

The audit did find that the controls and procedures in the County Assessor’s office need improvement. The County Assessor was found to not have adequately segregated accounting duties and does not always perform documented supervisory reviews of the accounting and bank records. The Assessor also did not always timely deposit receipts or timely disburse receipts to the County Collector-Treasurer. Deposits were made more than one month following the receipt for 6 out of the 12 months for the year.

The audit also found the Prosecuting Attorney’s office did not always timely disburse bad check and court-ordered restitution payments to victims or fees received. Distribution was only made four times during the year.

Recommendations were made by the auditor that the county put in place procedures and records for accounting of county property, a similar recommendation that was made in the two prior audit reports.

Each county office holder agreed with the audit and is in the process of implementing the recommended changes.