South Harrison Board Approves 2023-24 School Calendar At December Board Session

South Harrison’s School District will be performing required lead-testing for the water used by the district. South Harrison School Board members received the schedule for the testing during their meeting on Monday night. South Harrison Superintendent Dennis Eastin says testing is a state requirement. A notice of the lead testing will be announced. The testing procedure is pre-approved by the state. The district will use the company “Get the Lead Out” to perform the testing. The results of the testing will be released to the district, and eventually to the public. The testing is required by the end of the summer, but the district plans to perform the testing well before that time. The school can reimbursed the $24,000 cost for the testing.

Board members approved the school calendar for the 2023-24 school year at the session. The calendar will include a little longer Christmas and New Year’s Break with the 2024 dismissal on Friday, December 20th. The calendar will include 170 student days and 182 teacher contract days. The training schedule for new teachers will also be moved back prior to the start of the new year and will be closer to the time that returning teachers begin their new school years.

A bid submitted by Drake Daniels was approved for the 2024-25 Carpentry House Project. The bid will be for a multi-residential project.

Huffman Outdoor Services was also approved for the school’s lawn care through 2026 at the session.

The board also pre-authorized the district to spend $14,000 for a maintenance truck which may be purchased at a federal or state surplus auction. The pre-authorization is necessary since the vehicle’s purchase must be made on site.

Ally Slagle was recognized as the outgoing Student Advisor to the Board. Lauren Spurling was approved for election as a candidate for Student Advisor to the Board.