Spire Missouri Seeking Adjustment on Customer Bills

Spire Missouri is seeking to adjust their infrastructure system replacement surcharge.

The Missouri Public Service Commission says the application seeks to adjust the surcharge on bills of Spire West natural gas customers.

Under the proposed filing, the ISRS would change from $2.34 a month to $3.16 a month.

Spire seeks this adjustment to reflect the infrastructure replacement investments made by the natural gas company from October 2018 through February 29, 2020.

Costs for natural gas pipeline replacements and relocations are not currently included in Spire’s rates.

Applications to intervene and participate in this case must be filed no later than March 4 with the Secretary of the Missouri Public Service Commission.

Individual citizens wishing to comment should contact either the Office of the Public Counsel or the Public Service Commission Staff.

Spire West provides natural gas to over 517-thousand customers in Missouri.