St Joseph Woman Pleaded Guilty In Federal Court Hearing Thursday

(ST JOSEPH, MO) – Following a federal court hearing Thursday, 38-year-old Brooke Stewart from St Joseph has pleaded guilty to using identities stolen from prison inmates to receive the benefits of federal unemployment fraudulently.

Faced with one count of stealing government property, she plead guilty and admitted that she had filed false claims for benefits using information of five individuals in prison, that aren’t able to receive unemployment through the CARES Act.

Stewart is accused of stealing nearly $140,000 in benefits.

One of the individuals whose identity was stolen is currently in federal prison, Garland Nelson, the Braymer man who was involved in a fatal cattle fraud scheme that took the lives of the Diemel brothers from Wisconsin.

Nelson never received any of the benefits.

Stewart could face up to 10 years without parole in federal prison.

Her sentencing hearing will be scheduled following an investigation done by the united states probation office.