Stanberry Board Approves Transportation Contract During Reorganizational Meeting

Stanberry School Board members approved a three-year extension to their transportation contract with Jarnik during their April session. The contract will be reviewed one more time in May before final action is taken for its approval.

The board reviewed some changes for the 2023-24 student handbooks prior to final approval. The changes deal with the attendance and marijuana policies.

Superintendent Dr. John Davison gave board members a copy of the summer maintenance and cleaning schedule. The superintendent did review a new drawing for the bathroom facility at the football field. The board directed the superintendent to take the drawing to the architect.

The Ash Tree removal will be completed on the campus this month.

Stanberry’s board also reorganized at the meeting. Prior to the reorganization, the board formally recognized outgoing member Marci Messner for her 18 years of service on the Stanberry school board. Stuart Sager, Cassie McMillen, and Debora Steinhauser took the oaths to office. Brent Jennings was elected as the Stanberry School Board President. Keith McQuinn will be Vice President. Karen Luke will serve as Board Secretary. Gerrianne Strough will be the Board Treasurer.