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Stand Your Ground Legislation Pre-Filed in the Missouri Senate

Missouri State Senator Eric Burlison of Battlefield has pre-filed legislation to strengthen Missouri’s Stand Your Ground law.

Burlison says the justice system has been used as a weapon against law-abiding citizens who defend themselves.

Under current law, the burden falls on the defendant to prove he or she reasonably believed physical or deadly force was necessary to protect themselves or a third person. Under Burlison’s legislation, there is a presumption of reasonableness that the defendant believed physical or deadly force was necessary to protect themselves or another individual.

This legislation provides a person who uses or threatens to use physical or deadly force in self-defense immunity from criminal prosecution or civil action for the use of such force, unless that force was used against a law enforcement officer in the course of their official duties. A provision in this bill also states the defendant can raise a claim of self-defense during a pre-trial hearing in either a criminal or civil case, shifting the burden of proof to the party seeking to overcome the immunity.

Other legislation pre-filed by Burlison includes a bill that would prohibit abortion providers from receiving Medicaid funding or any other type of state resources; and a bill to promote election integrity.

Lawmakers may begin pre-filing legislation for the upcoming legislation session on December 1st.

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