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Thanksgiving Gas Prices at Record Highs

(Missourinet) If you’re driving any great distance to see family and friends for Thanksgiving, you already know it’s going to cost you more.

As Joey Parker tells us, the average cost of a gallon of gas in Missouri is slightly more than three dollars.

JP: “It could be worse. Since Monday, the *national average for a gallon of regular gasoline has held steady at three dollars and 41 cents, nearly 40 cents more than Missouri’s average…according to Triple A.

U-S Senator Roy Blunt puts it like this:

Sen. Blunt: “There’s nowhere in America where, if you fill up a Ford F-150 pickup, it doesn’t cost $70. And there are a number of places in Missouri where you fill up that same pickup, it costs $100.”

The Republican senator blames the Biden Administration’s policies.

President Joe Biden has ordered the Federal Trade Commission to step up its investigative efforts in gasoline markets. The agency says it will examine possible price coordination and other collusive practices in the fuel industry.

That still won’t ease the pinch at the pump anytime soon.  Joey Parker. Missourinet.”

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