USDA Sending Millions to Iow for Tree Grants from Inflation Reduction Act

(Radio Iowa) Cedar Rapids lost around two-thirds of its tree canopy in the 2020 derecho and on Thursday was awarded millions of dollars from the USDA Forest Service grant program. U.S. Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack joined Cedar Rapids officials to announce six million dollars for the city’s reforestation plan.

“Cedar Rapids consistently figures out a way to commit itself to community. Consistently looks for the opportunity to rebuild into a better community, a stronger community,” Vilsack says.

Other cities in Iowa will receive a total of six and a half million dollars for their trees. The funding comes from the Inflation Reduction Act. The federal government’s traditional budget for funding urban tree planting is 36 million dollars each year for the entire country — but has increased that to one point five billion dollars with the Inflation Reduction Act money.

(By Zachary Smith, Iowa Public Radio)