Pet Of The Week – Chloe

Please meet Chloe! Chloe is a young adult cat, approximately 2-3 years old, who has been at Green Hills Animal Shelter for several months. Prior to coming to the GHAS, Chloe, like so many of our animals, had a wonderful home of her very own. But then Chloe’s owner passed away and Chloe’s life changed.  Her previous owner’s family loved Chloe, but sadly did not live where they were able to provide a home for her, so they entrusted her to the shelter, where they knew she would be safe and cared for until she could find a Forever Home.

Chloe is a beautiful Dilute Calico. Dilute Calicos are often described as white cats who decided to play in watercolor paints. Where traditional Calicos have bright colors of white, black and orange, Dilute Calicos’ colors are less intense with cream, gray and strawberry blonde. Since Calico is not actually a breed, but rather a combination of color and pattern, many different breeds can be Calicos. However, it takes a complex combination of genetics to make a Dilute Calico, as they must inherit a mosaic gene, a white spotting gene and a recessive Dilute marker to create their beautiful coloring. So you see, they are pretty special!

Chloe is a happy girl with a lot of personality. She is very friendly and gentle, and she loves interacting with people.  Chloe also loves to play and is always happy to participate in a game of feather chasing or laser pointer tag. She likes other cats and gets along well with them.

If Chloe could ask for one thing, it would be to be back in a home. She would love a home where she could remain indoors and divide her time between cuddling with her humans, playing, and taking long naps in the sun. She would be fine with having a kitty sibling, or equally content to make her humans the focus of all her attention.

Chloe has been spayed, de-wormed, FIV/FeLV tested (negative) and is up to date on all her vaccinations, including rabies.  The only thing Chloe is missing is a home of her own … could that home be yours?