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Dear Friend,

President Biden blamed everyone but himself for his failures during his State of the Union Address on Tuesday.

He blamed struggling businesses for inflation. He blamed high gas prices on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. He blamed the supply chain crisis on COVID.

In Missouri, we call that passing the buck and it doesn’t pass the smell test.

The reality is his spending policies have fueled inflation to the highest levels we’ve seen in 40 years. Every single day, prices keep going up and up and up. It’s because of a never-ending assault on our pocketbooks and the consequences just keep growing.

Small businesses are stretched thin just trying to keep up with rising costs. Families are struggling to keep food on the table and farmers are taking an absolute beating. While corn, soybean, and other commodity prices are up, fertilizer costs have more than tripled over the last year. It’s taking every dollar that farmers made last year and then some just to get this year’s crop in the ground.

Gas prices have been through the roof for months now, long before the war in Ukraine. President Biden announced he was going to make releases from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve back in December to fix the problem. That didn’t even make a dent and the Strategic Petroleum Reserve is meant to help us respond to natural disasters and emergencies. It isn’t meant to shield the President from blame. Instead of selling off our strategic reserve, the President should end his war on American energy.

On top of all this, his mandates and regulations are dragging out the supply chain crisis. That’s driving the price of everything even higher. This isn’t going to end until we start actually addressing these problems. It’s only going to keep getting worse.

It’s time for President Biden to stop passing the buck. Instead of bumbling ahead and making all these problems worse, he needs to step back, own up to his mistakes, and start taking real steps to fix this mess he’s made.


Sam Graves

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