Albany Council Approves Open Burning Code Amendment

Albany’s Board of Aldermen approved a change for the municipal code within the City of Albany for open burning within the city limits.

The code will allow open burning of yard waste if the burning is done at least twenty feet from any other structure and is monitored by a competent person capable of containing or extinguishing the fire. If conditions indicate that opening burning could create a hazard to the public, a temporary ban could be put into effect by the city. Paper, garbage, household refuse, tires, construction materials, and any item coated with rubber or plastic will not be allowed to be burned under the code.

Outdoor barbecues will not be prohibited under the ordinance. Ceremonial fires will be allowed but shall only consist of natural wood.

No fires will be started when wind speed or direction could cause embers or other material to be carried onto any building. No fire shall cause a public nuisance.

Violators of the open burning code in Albany will be subject to a fine of no more than $500 or 30 days in jail.