Attorney General Files Suit Against Florida Company

Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey announced Wednesday that his office brought a lawsuit against Florida-based company MV Realty.

In a statement, Bailey said that it’s his duty to “enforce the laws as written and defend innocent Missourians from being ripped off.”

The lawsuit alleges that MV Realty violated state law by paying customers a small percentage of their homes’ values in exchange for promising to use the company as their broker when selling their homes.

After that, MV Realty would allegedly send notaries to meet with homeowners. Notaries would reportedly claim to be unable to discuss contract details.

Bailey’s office alleges that MV Realty didn’t tell homeowners that the contract would be enforceable against heirs after death, and could result in a lien being placed on the house.

The suit alleges that in some cases, MV Realty falsely told homeowners that no lien would be placed on their homes.

Bailey’s petition calls for the liens to be removed, and the agreements to be declared void and unenforceable.

If the suit is successful, MV Realty would have to pay restitution to homeowners who were charged cancellation fees and more than $200 million in fines.