Bethany Board of Aldermen Approves Ordinance Regarding Slow Moving Vehicles

Bethany’s Board of Aldermen approved the ordinance for the operation requirements of All-Terrain Vehicles, Electric Personal Assistive Mobility Devices, Golf Carts, and Utility Vehicles within the city during a meeting Monday night.

The ordinance defines personal assistive mobility devices and provides the qualified operator the same allowances as that of a pedestrian. Golf carts will require the operator to possess a valid operator’s or chauffer’s license and a special permit issued by the city annually. Operators must be 18 years old age. The golf cart must also include a safety flag, and insurance coverage must be carried for the golf cart.

All-Terrain Vehicles will require operators to have a valid operator’s or chauffer’s license and a special permit issued by the city annually. An ATV must also include a bicycle safety flag, proper lighting after sunset and before sunrise, and the ATV will have to be insured.

Utility Vehicles can be operated if a special city permit is obtained, the vehicle has proper lighting, and has insurance.

The penalty for violators will be a fine or jail time.

Council members directed City Administrator Jacob Taylor to contact the city engineer to study some flood mitigation efforts. A resident on South 15th Street brought flooding concerns before the council Monday night, but flooding situations due to large rains, such as the one experienced last Friday, have also impacted residents in other areas in Bethany previously.

Bethany’s council also held their public hearing on the Transportation Alternative Programs Grant being sought by the city in a second round of funding being offered in the year by the Missouri Department of Transportation. If approved, the project would construct a sidewalk from Bulldog Avenue south to Bethany Memorial Park. The city would be required to provide 20 percent of a project estimated to cost between $400,000 and $450,000.


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