Bethany Council Pledges Support For Village Place Development Project

Bethany’s Board of Aldermen pledged support for the company which intends to secure funding for a planned renovation of the Village Place in Bethany. The action came at a meeting held Wednesday night. Andrew Boling with AMB Development requested the city’s support in the process for obtaining Rural Development Business Grant funding. The city support is needed to allow AMB Development to acquire more points in the application process. City Administrator Jake Taylor told council members that a full renovation application could eventually bring over $2 million in construction funds to be spent in Bethany through as many local contractors and vendors as possible. The city has received communication that AMB Development would like to expand the community space at Village Place to offer more chances for gatherings and services. The city would not provide any funding for the project, but would be used as a vehicle through the funding application project through Green Hills. A similar process was used in the funding application for the new HCCH project.

Banking bids were sent out again after miscommunication from the last meeting with the banking representatives who attended the council session. The city had attempted to move $10 million to the Farmers Bank in following the council action previously, but the money was rejected. BTC Bank also requested their $2.5 million amount be increased to $5 million. In the end, the council approved banking services, including the city’s checking account, to stay with BTC Bank. BTC’s bid included a ceiling of 5 percent for treasury bills and a floor of 2 percent. Farmers Bank did not bid. Bank Northwest and Interstate Bank were others who gave bids for the city’s banking services.

Work has started on the road at the new hospital site. The expected completion time is late July. The council did approve the bid from R&S Electric for the 3 phase electrical work needed. The bid was approved at just over $67,000.

A command vehicle has been purchased by the Bethany Fire Department. The vehicle will be a 2017 Dodge Ram 2500. The cost was $33,000. It is currently being outfitted.

Council members were presented the agreement drafted for the Gilman City Fire Department and the Bethany Fire Department.

The council session was the last for East Ward Alderman Butch Osmon. Ron Osmon and Nikki Hendren were sworn in for new 2-year terms. Randy Mann was voted as the President of the Council. Nita Schroff was appointed as Bethany City Clerk.