Bethany Council To Review New Ordinance Amending Park Board Responsibilities

A draft ordinance of changes amending the financial powers and duties of the Bethany Park Board was presented before Bethany’s Board of Aldermen on Monday night. It will be posted prior to the next meeting of the city council so that discussion can be held on the new ordinance. During Monday’s meeting there was only brief discussion held about the document. The new ordinance states that the Bethany Board of Aldermen can compel the Parks and Recreation Board to bid and purchase or bid and approve a service that has been budgeted for within a given fiscal year. The ordinance also includes language that the Parks and Recreation Board can solicit candidates, interview candidates, and determine powers and duties for a Director of Parks and Recreation, but the Board of Aldermen would have a final hiring authority of the recommendation. Alderman Randy Brejnik requested the consideration of such an ordinance. Aldermen Lance Johns stated that he feels such an ordinance chips away at the responsibilities of those serving on the board. Aldermen Brejnik says that is not the intent of the new ordinance. Mayor Jonne Slemmons gave the directive to post the ordinance for a future meeting so that there can be a full discussion on the matter.

City Administrator Jacob Taylor gave an update on the work being done for the Allen Fountain. The fountain is expected to be in operation for Bethany’s 175th anniversary celebration on Saturday.

Mayor Slemmons requested that ditch mowing be done for city rights-of-way among routine duties of the Bethany Street Department.

The city is requesting Bethany’s Library Board to provide a re-opening plan for the library for their review.

The city’s current late fee policy as it pertains to delinquent utility bills will be extended through December 31st. Late fees are currently not being charged for late utility bills, but reconnection fees have been reinstated. The city has been notified that more participants will be eligible for the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program this year due to a change in income qualifications.

The city does plan to assign labor to fix the Daily Addition sign that has been recently damaged in an accident. The sign is on city property. When the work is complete, a bill will be submitted for reimbursement.