Bond Hearing Set for Today in Assault Charge for Bethany Man

A bond hearing is set for today (Wednesday) for a Bethany man charged with domestic assault.

According to Missouri’s, Jack Eugene Magee appeared before Judge J. Hemenway in Harrison County Court on Tuesday charged with first degree domestic assault. Magee was read his rights and chose a public defender. He made no statement regarding bond and after initial arguments, the court denied a request for a bond change and set the matter to a bond hearing scheduled for Wednesday afternoon.

It was previously reported that an affidavit issued by the Bethany Police Department alleges 47-year old Jack Magee was engaged in a verbal argument on Sunday with a household member when he placed his hand on her throat and squeezed causing her to choke. The officer said the victim had visible bruises around her neck and multiple lacerations on her neck and upper chest. The victim reported Magee poured gasoline on her and her dog, stating he was going to kill them while holding a lighter in his hand.

Magee is being held in the Harrison County jail on a $100,000 cash only bond.