Photo by Jeremy Shields

1:20am, Officer speaking on the phone to a subject referring to possible harassment…..No report, issue resolved…..

2:23am, Officers checking on vehicle parked behind business in the 1300 block of N. Washington Street….Everything OK, subject taking a nap….

2:38am, Officers doing walk-through premises check of Simpson Park….All OK….

3:54am, Officer checking unoccupied vehicle parked on business lot in the 600 block of S. Washington Street…..Checked OK…..

4:03am, Officer checking unoccupied vehicle in the 800 block of S. Washington Street……All OK…

4:44am, Officer checking unoccupied vehicle in the 300 block of S. Washington Street….All OK….

6:43am, Officers took a Chillicothe resident into custody at Webster and Locust Streets for previously trespassing in the 400 block of N. Washington Street….The subject was processed and released with citations…..

8:03am, Officers travelling to Brookfield to attend training….

8:56am, Officer out in the 400 block of N. Washington Street on continuing investigation….

8:57am, Officers received a report of a stolen, white 1999 Mercury Sable from the 1000 block of Graves Street…..The vehicle was later recovered in Caldwell County at Commuter parking where a green 2001 Chevrolet Silverado Pickup was stolen….The pickup was later observed and led Sheriff’s Deputies, Highway Patrol and PD Officers on a pursuit through numerous streets in Chillicothe and the vehicle became disabled near Gilbert Road and Green Street…The driver was found to be a 29 year old Chillicothe resident…..They were taken into custody, processed and transported to the Daviess/DeKalb County Regional Jail in lieu of charges….

8:58am, Subject calling PD to complain that a neighbor in an adjoining apartment is making excessive noise at all times of night….The subject was advised of their options…..

8:58am, Officers performed a motorist assist at US 36 and Washington Street…..Vehicle was moved from the roadway….

9:30am, Officer attempting paper service in the 400 block of Mechanic Street…..Negative contact with subject….

9:36am, Subject calling with question on division of services upon relationship break-up…..Advised it is a Civil issue…..

9:39am, Officer out in the 1000 block of Graves Street on a continuing investigation…..Picking up evidence….

9:42am, Officers assisted Animal Control on a call in the 400 block of Reynard Street….No report….

9:46am, Request to check well-being of subject in the 1900 block of Meadowlane Drive….Subject was found to be OK, had woke up late……

9:50am, School Resource Officer at PD to meet with juvenile subject and juvenile officer…..

9:51am, Officer out at City Hall on Administrative duties….

10:00am, Officers assisted Emergency Services with medical call in the 400 block of S. Washington Street….

11:06am, Finance Company calling to speak with Officer in reference to previously reported fraud….. Officer continuing investigation….

11:45am, Officer providing funeral escort for local business, from Church to Cemetery…

12:05pm, Subject calling to make report of failure to return rental property….Subject was advised to bring all paperwork for the report to the PD……

12:21pm, Report of two dogs running loose in area of Ann and Vine Streets……the animals were apprehended and transported to the animal shelter….

1:09pm, Subject calling with follow-up information on a reported theft…..Officer handling call….

1:32pm, Possible attempted break-in reported at a business in the 600 block of Jackson Street….Investigation is continuing…..

1:45pm, Officer out at Early Education Center on Public relations detail….

1:57pm, Subject calling PD to speak with Officer…..Officer unavailable and subject will call back later….

2:11pm, Officers out in the 1300 block of Third Street on attempted warrant service……Negative contact on subject….

2:48pm, Subject calling to speak with Officer and provide information on a previously reported theft…..In formation received by Officer…..

3:18pm, An individual came into the Police Department to report a hit and run accident…. Written statements and information was obtained and the investigation is continuing….

4:01pm, Officers assisting Animal Control with dog struck by car at Brunswick and Arthaud Streets….The animal was cleared from the scene….

4:14pm, Subject calling to speak with Officer…..Message left by subject….

5:00pm, Subject calling to talk with Officer about a theft in Marshall that she wants us to investigate…..Officer advised her that she should contact either Marshall PD or Saline County to make a report……

5:16pm, A suspicious vehicle and activity reported in the 400 block of Reynard Street….Officers made contact and the subjects had property in the house…..

6:20pm, Officer out in the 300 block of Henry Street to issue subject citations from a previously investigated incident…..

6:29pm, Commercial business alarm in the 1100 block of Mitchell Road….Premises were checked and everything is OK….

6:42pm, Officers out in the 1500 block of Bryan Street on a disturbance between two juveniles….Juveniles had got into a fight and one pepper sprayed the other…..Information was obtained and will be forwarded to Juvenile Authorities…..

7:23pm, Officer out in the 100 block of Brunswick Street on reported theft…..Resident reports that they have had packages left by delivery service on three different occasions and the packages have been stolen…..Report taken…..

7:34pm Officer out on lot in the 1000 block of Graves Street for minor accident…..Parties exchanged information…No report….

10:07pm, Officer assisted Emergency Services on medical call in the 2500 block of Thompson Drive….

10:10pm, Officer checking suspicious vehicle on the lot of a business in the 600 block of S. Washington Street….Subject waiting on employee… they have been arguing…No report…

10:22pm, Officers out in the 1200 block of Locust Street to follow-up on a theft investigation…….Subject was uncooperative….

Numerous traffic stops, continuing investigations and building security checks….

Chillicothe Police received 130 calls for service on 09/30/2021…..

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