Clay County Sheriff Gives Details Of Worlds Of Fun Fight

The Clay County Sheriff’s Department today (Monday) has released details of a massive fight among teenagers at the Worlds of Fun opening over the weekend.

According to the release, Clay County deputies working off-duty as security at Worlds of Fun responded to a radio call of a fight involving multiple juveniles and a large crowd at about 7:30 P.M. Saturday. Officials estimate between 100 and 150 teenagers involved in the incident.

Off-Duty officers from the Clay County Sheriff’s Office, Kansas City Police, and Worlds of Fun security worked to break up the fights and move the crowd out of the park, but as they did fights continued to break out among the teens.

Officers received reports of a juvenile that displayed a firearm, but officers were never able to verify that claim.

One Clay County Deputy escorting a group of teens from the park was punched in the face by a girl refusing to leave. She was arrested and turned over to the custody of her parents. The officer reportedly suffered only superficial wounds.

Authorities say they were able to end the fights and disburse the crowd by 8:30 Saturday evening.