Governor Kim Reynolds has extended her public health emergency proclamation that requires social distancing measures for businesses and other establishments for another month. The extension comes as the President of the Iowa Restaurant Association is calling out establishments that aren’t in compliance. Jessica Dunker says 99 percent of the 63-hundred bars and restaurants follow the protocols — and many go above and beyond them.


Dunker says there also needs to be more enforcement for those not following the temporary regulations.


She says Iowa can’t handle setbacks that have happened in other states.


She says an outbreak of COVID-19 caused by a restaurant that is not following the rules could impact every establishment in the state.


Dunker says they are working with customers to ensure that everyone can follow the guidelines.


The proclamation had been set to expire Saturday, and will now expire August 23rd. The measure covers bars and restaurants, gyms, casinos, salons, theaters, along with doctor and dentist visits.