Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller Defeated, Page and Naig Cruise to Victory

(Radio Iowa) America’s longest serving Attorney General was defeated by Republican Brenna Bird. Democrat Tom Miller called Bird last (Tuesday) night to concede.

“I told her she’s going to get a great job and it is an absolutely great job,” Miller says. “You know we’re disappointed in the result and this who wave that hit so many people. I’m very thankful for the 40 years that I had.” Miller, who is 78, says he’s not sure what’s next for him.

“But it’s been a great run and I’m grateful to the voters, to the staff, to my family and wonderful supporters,” Miller said. With 97 of 99 counties reporting unofficial results, Republican Roby Smith defeated long-time State Treasurer Mike Fitzgerald 51 to 49 percent. Republican incumbents Paul Pate, the secretary of State, and Mike Naig, the state ag secretary, were the top vote getters as they easily won reelection Tuesday.