Iowa Senator Joni Ernst Says All Types of Coronavirus Relief is Being Considered

The U-S Senate today (Wednesday) passed phase two of a three-phase plan to address the problems created by the coronavirus pandemic. Iowa Senator Joni Ernst, a Republican from Red Oak, says one of the items being discussed is a plan by the U-S Treasury to send a one-thousand dollar direct payment to everyone.

Ernst in her weekly conference call with reporters was asked if she supports the plan.

Ernst says they are also considering help for non-profit groups.

The airline industry has been hard hit as well with the cancellation of flights.

Senator Ernst says the U-S economy has taken a big hit — but she says the silver lining in the whole thing is the economy was doing very well before the virus struck. She says that gives hope that things can turn back around.

The recovery plans being discussed could spend as much as one TRILLION dollars.