Library Grant Awards Announced By Secretary Of State

The Missouri Secretary of State’s Office has announced funding for 49 summer library program grants for Missouri libraries.

The grants are used by the libraries for educational presentations, library materials, and program supplies. The grant period begins February 1st and runs until August 15th.

The Daviess County Library will receive just over $7,000 for Knowledge is the first step in your ADVENTURE program. The Gentry County Library will receive just over $9,4000 for their Adventure at your Gentry County Library program. The Livingston County Library will receive near $9,800 for their Fairytale Adventures program. The Putnam County Library is being awarded just over $3,100 for their 2024 Big Adventure program. The Mound City Public Library will receive just over $4,000 for their Adventures at Storybook Camp program.

Grants are administered by the Missouri State Library through an application process and awarded based on need, as well as the library’s ability to effectively bring the project to fruition.