Mercer Board Reviews Options For Accepting Card Payments For Concessions, Fundraisers, And Lunch Bills

Mercer School Board members received a presentation by First Interstate Bank for options available to the school for accepting payments by cards for the 2024-25 school year. The presentation was made during a meeting on Wednesday. The program presented is called Clover. There would be 2 options available to the school for accepting payments from credit or debit cards for concession stands, fundraisers, and lunch bills. The board did not made a decision on the issue at the meeting on Wednesday. More information will be considered. The board did agree to use the First Interstate Bank for school credit cards.

The board voted to extend by Superintendent Wade Hall’s contract and Principal Aimee Huse’s contract by a year. Both will receive a 1.5% raise.

The school has a CD at Farmer’s Bank that is coming due on February 29th. The plan is to take the money from that CD and place it in the school’s checking account while the district shops for new CDs. The board will decide where to place the money at the next board meeting.