Missouri Chamber of Commerce Opposes Calls to Ban Businesses from Requiring Coronavirus Vaccinations

The Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry says it opposes calls to ban coronavirus vaccination requirements in the private sector. The Republican-leaning business group’s position follows six conservative state senators calling for a special session to ban public and private sectors from requiring vaccinations. Matt Panik (pronounced like panic), with the state’s largest business group, says businesses should have those rights protected if they want to require COVID-19 immunizations.

The senators signed a letter to the governor saying it is not the state’s job nor the job of businesses and employers to force people to get vaccinated. The letter was signed by Republicans Rick Brattin of Harrisonville, Bill Eigel of Weldon Spring, Bob Onder of Lake St. Louis, Holly Rehder (ray-durr) of Scott City, Denny Hoskins of Warrensburg, and Mike Moon of Ash Grove.