Missouri Soybean Producer Survey Planned for October

The U.S.D.A. has announced an intent to obtain information about production practices from soybean farmers in Missouri that will be part of the 2020 Agricultural Resource Management Survey.

250 soybean producers in Missouri will be part of 4,000 soybean producers nationwide that will be surveyed beginning in October. Beginning in October, the National Agricultural Statistics Service will begin contacting farmers to schedule telephone interviews at their convenience. Those interviews will be focused on nutrient and fertilizer use, tillage, and past management practices for soybeans in 2020. The data collection will continue through October and November.

NASS recommends for soybean farmers to have their fertilizer and pesticide and spray records available to speed up the survey process. In-person data collection is suspended until further notice. Interviewers will be calling producers to complete the survey.

The information provided by farmers is protected by federal law. The aggregate results will be published and available on the NASS website.