MU Reports 4% Enrollment Increase And 90% Retention Rate

The University of Missouri resumed in-person classes Monday and began the start of the fall 2020 semester. Overall enrollment was 30,849, up 4% from fall 2019. The University also realized a record retention rate of 90% contributed to the growth. Increases also included 5.3% more Missouri residents, a 12.9% increase in transfer students, and 7.6% more underrepresented minority students.

The University has taken measures to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. Those included included a move-in period into the residence halls that spanned a week instead of three days; socially distanced lecture halls holding a fraction of their typical capacity; and students wearing thousands of MU-branded face coverings donated to the university.

Earlier this summer, the university moved the lecture portion of courses typically held in auditoriums online while often retaining in-person elements such as breakout discussion groups. Preliminary numbers show this year’s course enrollment is about 51% face-to-face; 32.5% fully online; and 16.5% blended (in person and online).