Red Cross Calls for Blood Donations

(Radio Iowa) The American Red Cross continues to need more blood donations. Red Cross Divisional Chief Medical Officer, Baia Lasky, says there’s been a nearly 25 percent drop in its national blood supply since August.

“The American Red Cross is currently experiencing a national blood shortage and we have an emergency need for type O blood and platelet donations of all types,” she says. Doctor Lasky says the start of school and other fall activities have kept people busy and away from donating.

“In recent weeks the number of donations has just not kept pace with hospital needs,” Lasky says. “So right now we are needing to collect about 10-thousand additional blood products blood products every week over the next month to meet hospital and patient needs.”
Lasky says natural disasters also impact donations.

“When we see regions that are impacted by disasters, those regions it’s really more of a regional impact. And the American Red Cross does maintain a national inventory. So we are able to provide for impacted regions,” she says. “But that really just means it’s that much more important for regions that are not impacted for individuals to donate to be able to support the rest of the country.” She encourages everyone to consider donating.

“Anyone 16 and older can donate, we just asked people are healthy and well and if they’re interested we they can learn more about eligibility criteria,” she says. You can find out more about donating blood at