South Harrison Prom And Promenade Moving To New Location

South Harrison will celebrate their prom weekend at a new location this weekend.

South Harrison’s prom and promenade will be held at the VeNue Event Space on the east side of Bethany this Saturday. South Harrison students approved the decision to move the annual event to the new location. The popular promenade and the new location will also mean that the public should be aware of arrival and parking information prior to Saturday’s event.

The public is being asked to arrive between 6pm and 6:30pm on Saturday. There will be some parking at the VeNue Event Space, but there will also be space utilized for the arrival of students at the site. The Assembly of God Church parking lot will also be available for public parking.

There will be seating for 300 in the Courtyard area located south of the VeNue Event Facility. Those attending may also wish to bring a quilt or picnic blanket for a seating area. Lawn chairs will not be allow at the Courtyard site. Parents of students who may wish to take pictures of their children should arrive at the site, determine their seating location, and then stay in communication with their students for their child’s approximate arrival time at the VeNue so that they can be ready to take pictures. Prom attendees will all walk through the center of the audience during the promenade.

The promenade will begin at or shortly after 6:30pm. Following the promenade, there will be another time for visiting and casual conversation. The public will be excused by 8pm. The public will be able to view the VeNue Event Space for the prom decorations as they exit the event.