St. Joseph, Buchanan County Organizations to Receive Settlement Funding

St. Joseph and Buchanan County organizations that applied for opioid settlement funding will learn if their submissions were approved today.

An Opioid Settlement Review Board that includes members of St. Joseph’s Health Department and Police Department wrapped up its second and final meeting Friday: after deciding which organizations will receive funding, and how much.

Local organizations that applied for funds include Buchanan County EMS, Community Missions, the St. Joseph Youth Alliance, and the Buchanan County Sherriff’s Office.

The City and County received over $2 million in a settlement totaling $26 billion paid by four U.S. corporations, including Johnson and Johnson.

St. Joseph and Buchanan County will combine to make over $150,000 available annually until 2039.

The board will set up funding agreements with approved groups by March 22nd.

After those agreements are settled, the board will perform quarterly reviews on those organizations to determine if they’re meeting their outlined goals.