Troop H Promotes Force To Corporal


Highway Patrol Captain Clark N. Stratton, commanding officer of Troop H in St. Joseph, announced Monday the promotion of Trooper Steven J. Force.

Effective August 1, Trooper Force will be promoted to the rank of corporal and designated assistant zone supervisor of Zone 5, covering Andrew and Buchanan counties.

Force was appointed to the Patrol on January 18, 2004, as a member of the 82nd Recruit Class. After graduating from the Patrol’s Law Enforcement Academy, Force was assigned to Troop H, Zone 5, in Andrew and Buchanan counties.

In September 2008, he was assigned to the gaming division, at Ameristar Casino in Kansas City. In December 2010, Force transferred to Troop A, Zone 13, covering Pettis County. In June 2014, he then transferred back to Troop H covering Zone 6 in Andrew and Buchanan counties. In September 2016, he moved back to Zone 5 of Andrew and Buchanan counties.

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