Pet Of The Week – Andy
Photo by Green Hills Animal Shelter

Are you looking for a puppy who is full of love and just wants to be your very best friend for life? If so, then we would love to introduce you to Andy!  Andy is a 3 to 4-month-old Lab mix who is part of our “Toy Story” litter, and who is just as charming as he is cute.

Andy, along with his siblings Woody, Rex, Jessie, Bonnie, and Buzz, was found after being abandoned along a rural road. Fortunately, the kind person who spotted them took the time to gather Andy and his siblings (talk about a car-load of wiggle butts!) and take them to Green Hills Animal Shelter where they would be safe and cared for while they looked for Forever Families of their very own.

Andy is a sweet boy who is one of the largest pups in his litter. He can be a little shy when he first meets you (remember he is still a baby and new to the shelter), but with love and treats, he is opening up more every day and showing us the most gentle, kind, and loving personality. Andy is very playful and loves romping and playing with his siblings and his favorite toys are his chew bones; he loves them!  His smart and gentle personality would make him a great fit in a home with children and he would be a wonderful dog to grow up with a child and be their very best, loyal friend and sidekick.

If Andy could describe his perfect Forever Home, he would undoubtedly ask to be adopted by a family who would spend lots of time with him.  He would love to be an indoor dog with access to a securely fenced yard where he could run and play. Andy loves other dogs and would be very happy to have a canine friend in his Forever Home, and of course, he would love a home with lots of chew toys for him to gnaw on. Most of all, Andy just wants to be someone’s best buddy and know that he will be loved forever.

Andy will go to his Forever Home dewormed and up to date on all age-appropriate vaccinations. Depending on his adoption date, he will either be neutered before adoption or his new family will be provided with a neuter voucher for his scheduled surgery.

For more information on Andy, his siblings, or any of the pets waiting for their Forever Homes at Green Hills Animal Shelter, please phone the shelter at 660-359-2700 or stop by during open business hours.  Andy and his friends will be waiting and wiggling with excitement and puppy love.