Pet Of The Week – Bruiser

We’d like to introduce you to Bruiser! Bruiser is a handsome, medium sized boy who we believe may be a St. Bernard and/or Boxer mix. He is approximately 5-6 years old, and has been at Green Hills Animal Shelter since December 2020.

Bruiser came to the shelter as a rescue. Prior to arriving at GHAS, Bruiser was loved and cared for by a kind couple who took in and saved homeless dogs. Over time word of the couple’s kindness spread, and people began leaving dogs at their property. The number of dogs grew, but the couple’s hearts would not allow them to leave any dog uncared for and, although it was a struggle, each dog was well-fed and very loved. Sadly, when tragedy struck and his wife passed away, the husband was left unable to care for a pack that had grown to over 50 dogs on his own, and a plea went out asking for assistance in finding rescues and homes. Green Hills Animal Shelter was proud to be one of the shelters and rescues offering assistance, and Bruiser was one of the dogs who came to our shelter.

When you first see Bruiser you may think he is a tough guy, but don’t let that fool you; underneath that tough guy exterior beats the heart of a true softie.  That’s right; Bruiser is an absolute sweetheart who loves attention and pets. He is calm and well behaved, loves people, and gets along well with other dogs. And, perhaps most of all, Bruiser is a truly loyal friend, who would be so grateful to once again have a family to love.

If Bruiser could describe his wishes for a Forever Home, he would ask for a home where he could spend lots of time with his family.  He would love the opportunity to experience life as an indoor dog, but he would also be happy having a securely fenced yard where he could enjoy the outdoors. He would be perfectly content in a home with older children, and he wouldn’t mind having a canine sibling, although he would respectfully request to meet any other dogs in the home prior to adoption to confirm that they will be best buds.  But, while he would enjoy a canine sibling, silly Bruiser would respectfully request that his Forever Home not include any fur-siblings of the feline variety.

Bruiser will go to his Forever Home neutered, de-wormed, heartworm tested, and up to date on all vaccinations, including rabies. Since December of 2020 he has been patiently waiting for a family to love; could you make his wish come true?

For more information on Bruiser, or any of the pets at Green Hills Animal Shelter, please phone the shelter at 660-359-2700 or stop by during open business hours. We will look forward to introducing you to Bruiser and his fur-riends at the shelter!

Click here to see a video of Bruiser!