Pet Of The Week – Sophie
Courtesy of Green Hills Animal Shelter

We love puppies for their joy and energy and we love middle-aged dogs for their calm, loyal companionship, but there is nothing in this world quite as special as the love of a senior dog. As a matter of fact, it’s often been said that dogs are like rainbows … puppies are the joy at one end and senior dogs are the treasure at the other. It’s a statement that is so true and one that especially applies to Sophie.

Sophie is a Shetland sheepdog (also known as a Sheltie) and she is one of the gentlest, most beautiful seniors you could ever hope to meet. Sophie, who is approximately 12 years old, spent the first 10 years of her life with a breeder. After that, she went to a loving home, but when her owner became unable to care for her they relinquished her to Green Hills Animal Shelter in hopes that she would find a very special family to fill her remaining years with all the love and care she so deserves.

Sophie is a super sweet and loving dog who just wants a forever person or family to love her. She has a vision impairment in one of her eyes and is also hearing impaired, but yet this sweet girl just wants to please and to be with her people. She has just a few teeth left, but eats soft food like a champ… and Sophie steals the heart of every person that she meets. Sophie is a very quiet girl who never barks or whines and is content to spend most of her time cuddling with her favorite teddy bear taking a peaceful nap. She is a smaller-sized girl and when Sophie isn’t napping she just wants to be held and cuddled and told how much she is loved.

If Sophie could describe her perfect Forever Home she would ask for a calm home with a family who will fill her remaining years with all the love and care she so deserves.  She doesn’t ask for much, just a loving place to land with a soft, fluffy bed all her own where she and her teddy bear can nap peacefully and a kind person who will hold her close and tell her how much she is loved. Of course, Sophie would welcome more stuffed friends to nap with and perhaps a nice soft dog treat here and there, but mostly Sophie wants kindness and love. Sophie does well with other dogs and calm children and would be content to share her home with either or both. With her age and special needs, Sophie will need to be an indoor dog with a securely fenced yard or a family who will take her out safely on a leash, and for your kindness, she promises to repay you with more love than you could ever imagine.

Sophie will go to her Forever Home spayed, de-wormed, heartworm tested, and up to date on all vaccinations including rabies. She is an exceptional girl who deserves the best for the rest of her life; could you make her dreams come true?

For more information on Sophie, or any of the pets waiting for their homes at Green Hills Animal Shelter, please phone the shelter at 660-359-2700 or stop by during open business hours. Sophie and her fur-friends are waiting to steal your heart and fill your life with love!